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Amethyst Healthy Slimming Bracelet

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Amethyst Healthy Slimming Bracelet
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Live better with the power of amethyst!

Hit a wall in your weight loss journey? Power through with the help of our Amethyst Healthy Slimming Bracelet. This powerful stone will speed up your slimming just by wearing it. It’s totally effortless!

Made from authentic amethyst, it suppresses appetite to lessen unhealthy food intake. Enjoy better health all over as it boosts metabolism, circulation, immunity and heart health. It also brings inner peace as it stabilizes emotions and boosts mental development.


  • Easy Slimming - Speeds up your weightloss journey just by wearing it. It’s that easy!
  • Less Cravings - Suppresses appetite and cravings, naturally lessening unhealthy and excessive food intake.
  • Improved Health - Boosts metabolism, blood circulation, immunity and heart health while lowering blood pressure.
  • Inner Wellness - Stabilizes emotions which helps calm the mind, and attracts positive energy.
  • Mental Development - Enhances attention span, concentration and memory, developing intelligence. 
  • Natural Stone - Made from high quality, 100% authentic amethyst for the most powerful effect and benefits.


  • Material: Amethyst

Product Includes

  • 1 x Amethyst Healthy Slimming Bracelet/ 
  • 2 x Amethyst Healthy Slimming Bracelet

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