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Baby Gender Selection Bracelet

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Baby Gender Selection Bracelet

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Know Your Baby's Gender The Easiest Way!!

If you’re trying to have a baby, there’s a lot of guesswork and stress involved. We get it -  you want everything to be perfect, and that means knowing what gender you’re having before your little one arrives. We’ve got the solution for you! Our Baby Gender Selection Bracelet is made from the finest material and has been expertly crafted to help you determine your baby’s gender! 

There are many ways to determine the gender of your child. Some people use old wives' tales, such as carrying a tea bag in their pocket or eating specific foods. We are happy to say that the Baby Gender Selection Bracelet is our new line of innovation that helps you figure out the identity of your little one while still on the way by 70% - 80 %! Designed to be used as easily as possible with ancient wisdom and modern technology. Made from premium material such as Agate stones due to its mystical appeal and unique meaning, all you have to do is put it on your wrist during pregnancy. Comes in various shades and sizes where each color corresponds to the gender you wished for. 

Excited to find out what your little one will be? Grab this now!


  • Stylish and Functional - a great addition to any expecting parent’s wardrobe while trying to determine the gender they wish for during pregnancy. 
  • Comfortable - very easy to wear, no need to perform  any complicated techniques or methods, just place it on your wrist during the period of conception or even after giving  birth
  • Fine Materials - made from a fine gemstones such as Agate stones, carefully crafted due to their mystical appeal and unique meaning, absolutely durable, and exudes fashion.
  • Various Options - available in two different styles: one for boys and one for girls. Both bracelets are adjustable and can come in a variety of colors.
  • Increase Chances - a beautiful piece of jewelry that can be worn by mothers-to-be during pregnancy and intensifies  the chance of conceiving by 70-80%
  • Energy Booster - bumps up the amount of energy in your body as your baby grows

How To Use

  • Simply wear it on the wrist during pregnancy and wait until your preferred baby gender is revealed!


  • Colors: red (for girl) /purple ( for boy)
  • Beads Sizes: 10/12/14/mm
  • Material: agate

Product Includes

1 x Baby Gender Selection Bracelet

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