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Face & Body Lighten Freckles Tourmaline Soap

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Face & Body Lighten Freckles Tourmaline Soap

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Do you know why you feel fresh and better after taking a shower? Our body rebalances itself with water. Water is a healing and potent force of life and cleansing. You can rebalance your chakras, cleanse your physical body, and lighten freckles with the Face & Body Lighten Freckles Tourmaline Soap!

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Yin, 38, lives a stressful life as a hospice employee. He is emotionally drained every time he goes home. Now, he’s feeling so much better with the Face & Body Lighten Freckles Tourmaline Soap. Additionally, his freckles from sun exposure have begun to fade.

-“ Aside from feeling so much better from stepping out of the shower, I also notice my freckles lightning. I've tried many products and yet this one trumps all of them. It soothes my skin from sun exposure and thoroughly cleanses it.”

Winona is a new-age crystal therapy buff and she loves the Face & Body Lighten Freckles Tourmaline Soap! Here’s what she has to say.

-” The soap itself really did lighten my freckles and sunspots. This product really helped me soothe my troubles. It easily foams so I don’t have to scrub and use a lot of it. Also, even after washing with warm water, my face still retains its natural hydration.”


Soaps are made out of fat, lye, and water. Scents and colors may be incorporated but those additional scents may be irritating. The Face & Body Lighten Freckles Tourmaline Soap does not contain any additional scents that may be irritating or cause any other adverse reactions. Soap also has the wonderful ability to ward off bacteria, germs, viruses, and dirt. Washing your hands with soap and water is one of the simplest yet most powerful first-line defenses against infections due to its natural antibacterial properties. 

Tourmaline is a revered stone that comes in an array of colors. Black Tourmaline is a stunning and elegant pitch-black stone with a complex chemical formula. Due to its color, Tourmaline is often associated with darkness. However, the stone represents the cleansing or purging of toxins in the body such as anxiety, anger, and feelings of worthlessness. The stone is said to aid with increasing physical vitality (physical health and immunity) and increases one’s energy levels. It is also responsible for bolstering feelings of altruism and creativity.



“I have a lot on my plate. I own a cafe that caters to many customers with varying personalities. Some are quiet and polite while some are loud and rude. Catering to customers, in general, is taxing. My cafe has a wide alfresco area and I get more than a fair share of sun exposure. I have sensitive skin and I burn easily. Good thing my doctor recommended the Face & Body LIghten Freckles Tourmaline Soap.”


“All that dust, dirt, sweat, and dryness on my skin disappeared. The soap really helped me clean off my physical body. It’s also really gentle on the skin to the soap on my face without it drying to the point it hurts. It’s easy to wash off, and it doesn’t have any particular scent, which is amazing. Lastly, on the metaphysical side, I do feel much better now with the Tourmaline soap than with the other soaps I’ve used. I’ve been feeling more at ease and energized with working.”


  • Relieves Stress- According to crystal and stone therapy, Tourmaline helps purge negative energy.
  • Eliminates Hyperpigmentation- Soap contains fats that help shield the skin from UV rays. This protection will help soothe the appearance of freckles, dark spots, and sunspots. 
  • Antimicrobial- The Face & Body Lighten Freckles Tourmaline Soap works like any other soap. Washing with soap and water regularly helps wash away dirt, sweat, and other pathogens that cause bacterial infections.
  • Cleansing- The product also helps with general cleaning as it can be used as a face, body, and hand soap.
  • Gentle- The soap is safe to use for people with sensitive skin, and people of all skin types in general.
  • Long-Lasting- The product does not melt easily even when submerged or put under a constant downpour of water.


    • Thoroughly wet and damp your skin.
    • Gently scrub and lather the soap on your skin until it foams.
    • Massage your skin with the foam for 1-2 minutes (or when satisfied).
    • Wash the soap suds off with clean warm water.
    • Rinse the soap by placing it under running water for 1-2 seconds.
    • Place the soap on a soap bar (preferably those with a strainer).
    • Do not use the soap on damaged, bleeding, and healing wounds.
    • Avoid direct contact with the eyes. Wash with warm and clean water at once.
    • Keep out of the reach of children.
    • For external use only.


    • Ingredients: Soap, Tourmaline
    • Audience: General, Unisex, Men, Women
    • Applicable Age: General, Children, Teens, Adults, Elderly
    • Skin Type: All Skin Types 
    • Effects: Skin Brightening, Anti-Acne, Cleansing


    • X 1/2/3 Face & Body Lighten Freckles Tourmaline Soap


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