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Intensive Slugging Face Cream

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Intensive Slugging Face Cream

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Slugging is a Korean skincare trend where one applies vaseline or petroleum jelly to help lock in moisture. Slugging is mostly done during evening beauty routines. 

Made from vaseline and nicotinamide , these three ingredients ensure overall hydration and optimum oil control for your skin!


The Intensive Slugging Face Cream is the best, most effective, safest, and dermatologically tested face cream perfect for your evening beauty routine!


Olga used to have dry, tight, and itchy skin especially during cold weather and at night. Now her skin is soft and supple after using the Intensive Slugging Face Cream. 

-”This product is AMAZING! My skin used to be so dry, especially at night and early morning, but most importantly during cold weather or any drop in temperature. I started using this at night and I woke up with supple and really moisturized skin! It’s been weeks and I don’t see dry white patches on my face  nor do I have dry and itchy skin! I highly recommend this product!”

Katheryn, 23, has naturally dry skin. No matter what skincare routine she used, her skin was still dry. Now her skin is glowing and moisturized with the Intensive Slugging Face Cream!


-”Dry skin runs in the family, and I’ve been trying to combat it my entire life. I’ve been using the Intensive Slugging Face Cream for a week now and my face has been so soft and hydrated. I no longer have to worry about itchy and tight dry skin, especially during winter and fall! I recommended this to my family and they’ve been using it non-stop! The Intensive Slugging Face Cream not only helped me but my family too. This is a lifesaver to us dry skinned people! Five out of five for me!”


The Intensive Slugging Face Cream is made from:

Vaseline (Petroleum Jelly) 

 Made from petroleum jelly, it has a multitude of benefits for the skin such as moisturization, moisture retention, sun damage protection, treating minor burns (and prevents blisters) and wounds, and prevents windburn.

Nicotinamide- Also known as Niacinamide or Vitamin B3, it contains anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties, minimizes redness, protects and rebuilds cells lost due to sun damage, regulates oil, and minimizes pores. 


    These potent and powerful ingredients ensure your skin is healthy, protected, and moisturized! 


    • Moisturizing- The Intensive Slugging Face Cream not only moisturizes the skin but also prevents moisture loss by locking in moisture.
    • Protects Against Sun Damage- The Intensive Slugging Face Cream is made from Vaseline and Nicotinamide which have properties that help protect the skin from sun damage.
    • Anti-Aging- It contains Niacinamide, which has anti-aging properties.
    • For Cold Weather and Night Time Routines- The Intensive Slugging Face Cream is made from powerful hydrators that combat windburn during winter.


    • Thoroughly wash and dry your face.
    • Apply toner.
    • After toning, scoop an ample amount of product and massage your face.
    • Massage the product until it is fully incorporated with the skin.
    • Use the Intensive Slugging Face Cream at night. 
    • Avoid direct contact with the eyes.
    • Avoid direct contact on open and bleeding wounds.
    • Keep out of the reach of children.
    • Store in a cool and dry place.


    • Ingredients: Vaseline, Petroleum Jelly, Nicotinamide
    • Shelf Life: 3 Years
    • Cosmetic Effect: Moisturizing


    1 X  Intensive Slugging Face Cream 


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